Learn How EMKE Coaching Reduces Costly Electrical Machine Failures

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– How coaching has reduced costly electrical machine failures in similar operations

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– The investment required for coaching, compared to the savings of reducing failures

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Coached By EMKE’s Head Coach, Mike Davis:

Reduce Costly Failures By Developing Confident Electrical Machine Staff

EMKE coaches the staff who are responsible for your electrical machinery. It makes sure they understand failure processes and how to run your equipment at optimum levels.

The coaching is tailored to your electrical machine environment. We apply a combination of live masterclasses, online programs and cutting-edge learning methodologies.

With EMKE, you’ll reduce unexpected machine failures by coaching your staff in today’s most effective inspection, test and maintenance procedures.

Book a quick call with Mike Davis, to learn about pricing, results and how EMKE’s coaching program can be implemented for your team.

Address The Challenges Of Maintaining Your Electrical Machines

If you’re an Asset Manager, Principal Electrical Engineer, Maintenance Manager, Supervisor or similar … chances are you’re seeing costly failures in your plant.

Companies invest so heavily in electrical maintenance systems and teams. But all that investment goes to waste if your team isn’t up to the task. So how do you prevent this scenario from happening?

By coaching them.

EMKE coaching helps you lead your team through the following challenges:

– You don’t have confidence in the competence of your electrical machine staff

– You experience costly electrical machine reliability issues repeatedly

– You’re worried about safe work

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EMKE Course Topics

EMKE includes coaching in all important areas of electrical machine maintenance. The coaching will very quickly equip your team will accelerated knowledge and real world experience.
Tailored Masterclasses For Your Machines

Electric Motor Management Best Practice

Electrical Machine Types

Machine Construction


Insulation Ageing

Stator Windings


Insulation Systems

Thermal Deterioration

Girth Cracking

Delamination Discharges

Slot Discharges

Grading Coat Discharges

End-winding Vibration


End-Winding Discharges

Electrical Testing DC Tests

Impedance Balance Test

Tan Delta Test

Hi-pot Testing

Current Spectrum Analysis

Partial Discharge Test

Stator Wedge Tightness Survey

Core Integrity Testing

Peak Pulse Profile Test

Visual Inspections

Consistent Investigation Quality Every Time

Meet Your Head Coach, Mike Davis …

Mike has over 50 years of hands-on experience maintaining electrical machines. He’s worked with a wide variety of factories and plants – throughout Australia and the world.

He’s built and sold multiple successful electrical machinery businesses.

And he’s a highly sought-after speaker, podcast guest and consultant in the industry.

The Impact of EMKE Coaching On Your Operation

After EMKE, your team will be highly knowledgeable and experienced in maintaining your electrical machines.

They’ll have a new enthusiasm, proactiveness and confidence around the machines.

Ultimately, that results in:

  • Ongoing coaching, designed to be hassle-free, minimal-disruption and highly practical
  • You’ll have significantly reduced costs by reducing unexpected failures in your factory or plant
  • You’ll be able to trust your team to do a great job and continually improve
  • You’ll have peace of mind with a safe work environment
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Why Is EMKE The World’s Leading Electrical Machine Coaching Program?

Our exclusive methodology: Elementising Evidence

EMKE’s only focus is electrical machine coaching

Other companies offer mechanical training, but that isn’t the same thing because it focuses on mechanical aspects. EMKE’s entire experience, research and learning focus is electrical machines.
Flexible software: Customise for your agency
Experience, Knowledge & Recognition

Based on over 50 years of experience, EMKE’s knowledge is far ahead of any other electrical machine coaching company. The industry recognises this through regular awards, business achievements, speaking engagements and podcast appearances.


Highly Tailored To Your Operation

EMKE is NOT just “another online program”. The weekly live masterclasses will be tailored to your unique operation and machines. Your staff can ask questions that are relevant to their work. So you’ll develop plant knowledge and see consistent improvements.

Book your call with Mike Davis to learn more …

Book a quick call with our head coach Mike Davis. You’ll learn how EMKE can be implemented into your organisation, and the level of results you should expect to see from the coaching.

The Numbers Speak For Themselves …

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Years of in-field experience

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Students Coached By Mike

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Reach Of Content, Speaking, Podcasts

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Expected Reduction Of Machine Failures

Book Your Quick Call With Head Coach, Mike Davis


“EMKE significantly reduces wasted time and money in factories and plants, by reducing electrical machine failures. With our coaching, maintenance teams understand machine failure processes and proactive maintenance techniques, so a large proportion of failures BEFORE they cause problems.”
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