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Horawhenua, incorporated in 1985, has a history in innovation and service excellence, specialising in the establishing and support of electrical rotating machines and condition monitoring enterprises. Horawhenua places a strong emphasis on education and knowledge sharing through the development of comprehensive electrical machine training courses, facilitated by its subsidiary, the Electrical Machine Knowledge Exchange (EMKE). This initiative reflects Horowhenua’s dedication to empowering electrical machine maintainers and professionals in the field with advanced understanding and skills.

As the managing owner of EMKE Apps, we deliver on our promise of placing “Electrical Machine Knowledge in your hands – anytime, anywhere,” offering accessible, mobile solutions for on-the-go learning and reference. Through these strategic endeavours, with Horawhenua support, EMKE continues to solidify its position as a leader in the rotating electrical machine domain, driving innovation, excellence, and knowledge dissemination globally across the electrical machine user community.

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